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The 2006 Club T-Shirts Are In

You, the judges, have spoken...we now have winners in the 2005 Traveling Colours Contest!

1st - Gary Robbins of Squamish, BC took top spot with the photo of his exuberant finish at the 50km Knee Knacker North Shore Trail Run last July. Gary will receive a refund on his 2006 membership dues and eternal bragging rights.



2nd - Robbins also took second place with his exposed rear end at Cape Spear. He officially becomes the first athlete to take a gold and a silver in the same event while being censored!

Traveling Colours Contest - Vote

As promised in the last newsletter, here is your chance to vote for your favorite Traveling Colours Contest photo.

How? It's easy: Just click on this link to photo submissions and follow the instructions there.

The winner will get a refund on their 2006 Club Membership dues. There are prizes for the runners-up as well.

'Missed the deadline for submitting photos of yourself and your friends in the blue Club colors? Don't worry... if you renewed your membership or are a new member you can expect to have your 2006 Club t-shirt by late February. We'll be running the contest again this year, so start working on your poses!

Happy Trails,

Sibylle Tinsel
Chief Executive Fat Ass

training week of Jan 30-Feb 5

Here it is. Not a bad week overall. Felt good and starting to shed some much needed pounds.

Monday Jan 30-1 hour run, easy pace. 45 min spin, core


Tuesday-35 min tempo run (15 min warm up, 20 min cool down). Weights

Wed-1 hour recovery run, 1 hour snowshoe run


Thurs-1:05 snowshoe run, weights and core, 45 min easy spin

Fri-Interval spin session-50 min total, 1:25 snowshoe run (40 min climb)

Sat-3 hour run Diez Vista course, 2 hour snowshoe run Mt. Seymour

Sun Off

January Progress Report -- So far so good

A full month into the new year, and I seem to be keeping my resolution quite well. Although I don't have a resolution event until the Dirty Duo in March, all my training goals have been met in January. 50 km/week, riding to school 3 times/week, eating better, and keeping it all in a log.

Robbins Taking An Early Lead

Not sure if this would count as vote influencing, but Gary Robbins' photo of his exuberant KneeKnacker finish last July is taking an early lead in the Traveling Colours Contest Vote.

Some of you might have had difficulties voting yesterday. The problem should be fixed now, please try again. Voting is open to anybody, so do tell your friends!

Lisa's 2006 Resolutions

I know it's well into Jan but it's taken me this long to search and sift through all the amazing things there are in this city! This has been a great organizational tool for me. The only real "ultra" I'm signed up for is child rearing at the moment but here is the rest of what I intend to do this year!!

Complete all Yeti Snowshoe Series Races

Participate in at least 5 Fat Ass Events

Try an X-Terra Race

Dirty Duo Run-25km

Complete a trail run over 50km

Run- 3x/wk-Wed night intensity run group-weekend long run

New Year's Resolutions - One Down!

The post race euphoria has gone by now and the tired muscles are slowly recovering...in fact I ventured out for my first post Vancouver New Year's Day 50km run this morning. Time to reflect on an epic day.

After an intense taper because of a pre Christmas stomach flu, I feared I forgot how to run, lost all my training and was in general sandbagging mode. The weather forecast of torrential rains and gale force winds did not raise my mood. 50km...what was I thinking?

Baldwin's "Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time..." for 2006

Well, I hopefully have the Longest Title award wrapped up.

First of all, the Big Three,

Apr 1/06 - American River 50 Mile Endurance Run, Sacramento (guess I'm going to miss the Burnaby Mountain CFA event)

July 8/06 - Knee Knacker (if I get in) or

July 29/06 White River 50 miler, WA (if I don't. I really hope I get in)

Nov/06 - Haney 2 Harrison 100K (I'm gonna need a bigger boat)

Personal stuff

Cheryl Johnson's 2006 Resolutions

Wow. The resolutions that have been posted are totally inspiring. Amazing and you are just the people to do it. But I have to say, don't wait. Do it now. Time goes by in a blink.

My main, number one 2006 goal is to run faster. I'm having fun but I need to work on that. It can be measured easily because I'm doing many of the same races, plus a few:

Keith's 2006 goals

My top one for this year will have to be :

1. Go to Leadville and complete it.

2. Run more with my son.

3. Focus more on having fun.

4. Have a successful event here in Idaho (Kick Ass 50/25).

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