Club Fat Ass is a grassroots sports club with a worldwide vision. Our members host trail running, triathlon, cycling and other "active lifestyle" events for fellow members. Club events are fun, physically challenging, environmentally friendly and emphasize camaraderie as much as competition. Each event is a reflection of the unique personality of the Event Host. All Club events are free to Club members. Membership is open to anyone who enjoys playing outdoors. Join us!

Capilano Canyon Night Run - A Midsummer Night's Dream - 20 August 2005

Join us for the fourth annual Capilano Canyon Night Run (A Midsummer Night's Dream) and potluck party on Saturday 20 August at 8:00pm.

This is a 90 minute run that starts at dusk and finishes in the dark. Afterwards, runners, crew, runners friends and a few neighbours get together for a potluck party that usually lasts a lot longer than the run!

Forbidden Forest Run

I am looking for a few select individuals for a top secret mission. The mission involves elements of adventure, danger, stealth and endurance.

Code named Forbidden Forest Run, the objective is to complete a particular 45K point-to-point trail in the lower mainland of BC on foot, mostly in the dark, and make it back to the Mosquito Creek Pub in North Van before last call. The date will be determined by those who are interested and sufficiently qualified.

If you think you're up to the challenge, please complete the confidential online application

Rick Arikado - Sun Lakes State Park

Here's my latest entry for the travelling Tee. We camped at Sun Lakes State Park, barely visible as line of trees to the right in south looking photo, red dot on map. Red line on map was my run one morning, Y-shaped out & back to a few different lakes. Gravel road also barely visible in photos. Overview photo (with mandatory Tee) taken from Dry Falls visitor center above canyon. - Rick

Point Series Updated after Fluffy Bunny

Cheryl Johnson has joined Bill Dagg and Craig Moore in the lead of the 2005 CFA Point Series. Cheryl earned 3 points for the Fluffy Bunny yesterday: 1 point for early registration, 1 point for participation and 1 bonus point for collecting garbage during her 4h on the trails. All three have 11 points each and participated in 5 CFA events until now. A close contender is Patricia Barry with 8 points earned for participating in 4 CFA events since January.

Fluffy Bunny Trail Run

Done at last!  Check out the Event Result and Report here.

Fluffy Bunny Trail Run

View from Peak

Finally made it

Carlos Ouch!

Fluffy Bunny Trail Run

Navigating the Dilly Daly

Fluffy Bunny Trail Run

View from Diez Vista
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