You said it...

Thanks to everybody who answered the Capilano Night Run Post Event survey. Below is a collection of your feedback and my response to it:

Date (day of week, time of year, conflicts with other events...)

  • Only because I didn't do RTN, or Whistler 5 Peaks, or Gearjammer that day, so was perfect for me.
  • Excellent race, awesome fullmoon! Great people. I usually do the 5peaks runs, but it conflicts with most of CFAs events. July would also be a good option for a night run.. maybe the club could have another night run. Just an idea.
  • Just perfect

(It's hard to find a "free weekend". We try to schedule most of our events to avoid conflict with the local trail/ultra races. The Midsummer Night Run date is strategically chosen to fall between "Stormy" and "Ironman Canada". We figure if you do Stormy or Ironman, there is no way that you can also particpate in the Night Run that same weekend. On the other hand, folks have been known to do Five Peaks and the Night Run on the same day ;-)

Time (start time...)

  • Night events rock!

Start/finish area (location, parking, washrooms, shelter...)

  • Can't beat someone's house.
  • very good organization
  • good parking, washrooms and location. Couldn't be better

(Nobody mentioned the outdoor shower...)

The course itself (terrain, difficulty...)

  • I found it fun, easy, non-technical, and predominantly flat. Perfect for a Saturday
    evening stroll.
  • It was a challenging terrain. I love it! some trails, streets, gravel roads. It balances well permitting for some relaxing run and tmore technical terrain.
  • great course - very inventive and creative use of greenways! well done! i liked it - especially for a night run... but would have wished to do it in daytime first. its probably just me, but i find trails are easier on the creaky ol' knees.

The course description (accuracy, complexity, measurement...)

  • 90% of it was perfect and very easy/idiot proof to follow. A couple spots had us looking for things prematurely (rabbit trail after playground for example).
  • I ran with a group all the time, so no need to read instructions... I know this is not the usual way, but being my first time, it helped.
  • Hey, I finished in 1:29, so it was pretty close to estimated completion.
  • like the map

(I'll check that Rabbit Trail reference...and try to make it clearer for next year)

Level of competition (too little, too much...)

  • Not in it for the competition. Didn't find it too competitive.
  • Just perfect. I could run at my pace

Post-event activities

  • Too bad people left so early, but I had fun.
  • The pot-luck and social side was excellent. Very good variety of dishes, salad, dessert, sushi and even wine!
  • Wanted to see what I was eating a bit better ;)
  • Needed more lighting at the food tables -- hard to see what was there.
  • WOW! nice potluck and gathering . thank you!
  • Great spread, I wished I could've spent more time at the buffet table than in the toilet.
  • nice party!
  • Very gracious of you to offer your home & patio

(it was a pleasure to have you all. Glad the weather cooperated. In terms of food...it was gourmet heaven. There was not a single bag of chips to be seen. Oh...we are fixing the lighting for next year!)

Results (were they accurate, distributed promptly...)

  • Results were posted sooner than I expected, usually even the big races (I mean sponsored races) take few days to post final results.
  • Haven't seen them yet.
  • haven't seen them
  • Didn't spend much time analysing them. Don't really care about results.

Event website (was it easy to find information, complete...)

  • Your website is very well organized and user friendly. Easy to get all info about the event, registration, agenda, etc. Lots of websites including trail ultra runs, link to CFA events. I'm happy I ran into one of those links and had the chance to do my first run with the Club.
  • Not sure I'm registering properly. Just tried to register for Go Deep or Go home. Not sure if that went through.
  • Couldn't enter "0" for number of previous times doing this event.

(The problem mentioned above is fixed now, thanks for pointing it out)

Overall event (value, challenge, course, atmosphere...)

  • I think the award for doing multiple CFA events that occur on the same day should be called The Twin Cheeks Award.
  • Great introduction to night running for me

(I love the Twin Cheeks Award idea!)