Saturday 8 June 2013

06:30? Get up. Check the weather. Pack your course descriptions
07:40 Arrive at Griffin Rec Center, 851 West Queens Road, North Vancouver (#1 on map. Westview exit off #1)
07:55 Starter photos
08:00 Start - 25K "Up", 50K "Up and Down" or Roll Your Own distance:
  (Please note for 2013: Because of a trail washout about 2km from the  turn around at the Cypress Lookout parking lot, the option this year will be 46km Up and Down, and any custom distances as an out and back.  The Up start is not available, not is the 25km Up or 25km Down option.
25K "down" and "Out-and-Back" drive to respective starts. (Quarry Picnic Area, Cypress Mountain, West Vancouver: #2 on map. 9k switchback, Cypress Bowl Road or Cleveland Dam parking lot, North Vancouver #3 on map.  Capilano Road.)
10:30 First finishers (25K)
12:45 First finishers (50K)
14:30 First to pick up a free beer at finisher party! (Mosquito Creek Bar & Grill in Westview Mall at #1 and Westview just around the corner from the Griffin Gym finish)
17:00 First to go to bed

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What to Bring?

  • Aid. (Course description, food, water, electrolyte drink, bug spray, bear bells, suntan cream, rain jacket, gloves, etc. As an experienced trail runner, you know what you need to be self-sufficient on the trails.) If you expect and are prepared for no external aid, you may be pleasantly surprised... but do not count on it!
  • Official timing system. (A watch will do, even if the second hand doesn't work. You are responsible for submitting your finish time if you want to go down in the results)
  • Change of clothes. (Bring soap, a towel and bathing suit if you plan to go for a hot tub or steam at Griffin Gym afterwards.)
  • Crew. Yes, your family and friends are most welcome to come along to feed and encourage you! See course description for Reference Points where they might meet you

Pre- and Post-Event 

  • parking, showers and change facilities (07:00 to 16:00) are available at Griffin Recreation Center, the start and finish of the event. Parking is free. There is a pool, sauna, hot tub and steam room at the gym. Entry is $4.50 (less for just a shower)
  • runners, volunteers and adult friends are encouraged to meet afterwards for brunch and beverages at the Mosquito Creek Bar & Grill. We'll recognize the great accomplishments of the day, share war stories, photos, gather stats and otherwise chill out.
  • Sorry, pub license means no kids

Other Notes 

  • please read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • please, please, please do not drop litter on the trail. (Consider picking it up if you find any. There may be a prize for your efforts)
  • this event is not sponsored, sanctioned, permitted or anything else that would qualify it as an official event. It's a party!
  • be sure to bring a copy of the course directions for the event you are attempting. (For 50K, bring Up and Down.) We recommend you put them in a baggie so they don't turn to mush.
  • expect baking sun, freezing rain, lots of mud, bears, some old friends and maybe some new