Flash - Seymour Sunday

8 Jan 2012 08:00
8 Jan 2012 10:00
Bean around the world (Parkgate Mall) / Mt. Seymour


Thank you to everybody who came out today.

Looking forward to another run next week.

Hope to see you next Sunday at 8am at the Bean around the World at Parkgate (see seperate flash event for more info).

There should also be a couple of pictures from today's run soon.



Hoping to join you this week

Hi Marc, thank you for organizing! I'm hoping to join you this Sunday (Jan 8), will confirm tomorrow. But as Ean knows, I'm slow. I may end up trailing behind.

Thanks! Jackie

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I'd be glad if you joined

There shouldn't be too many of us I am sure we'll find a way of making it fun for everybody.

In the forest the rain is not bad at all.

It's more of a mist.


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I'll be there to!

I will be there! 
I just wondered if I may leave my backback with dry clothes in one of your cars. 

See you tomorrow.



See you tomorrow!

I think there will be two of us. See you in the morning!
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Hoping to join you

Not supposed to rain this week! =;-)

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I wasn't aware you guys are

I wasn't aware you guys are all so weather sensitive.

Whenever I go out and move I am always glad I did.

Just dress up a little more than you did on your profile picture and you should be fine.


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First run in BC

Hi, I would like to join the group, but I would like to understand better what I am up for :) 
how many Km or miles do you think to do? (just to avoid being left behind or to slow you down)

I'm moving by transports .. I'll check how to get there to.

Bye - Niko

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Hey Niko

I'd be happy if you came.

If you don't know the area I'll stay with you for sure.

We can shoot for an intermediate pace. Maybe 12-15k I guess. Always depends how many hills we throw in there.

There is the #211 and the C15 that go this way if I am not mistaken.

See you on Sunday.


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bus schedules :(

Back again, 
just finished checking out the bus schedules .. if the bus runs fine and I don't loose connections, I should be there at 7.58 .. 
seams there are no bus moving out from downtown before 7.20 :(

See you on Sunday

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You should be fine

I don't see why the buses should get stuck on a Sunday morning.

If I know you'll be there I can always wait a couple of minutes.

See you there.


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