The Big Picture

The Capilano Canyon Night Run (Mardi Gras) is a social get-together with a twist: Unlike other garden parties you might have attended, there's a 90-minute run in the dark separating you and the potluck buffet table!

Regardless of their fitness level, all guests are expected to participate in the event in one of 3 categories: Group, Competitive or Crew. The highlight of the evening is a potluck party in celebration of Mardi Gras and good friends. Costumes are optional.


The Capilano Canyon Night Run courses were designed to provide a fun and safe 90 minute night running experience for runners with just about any background. Experienced runners may opt for the longer, more difficult Competitive route. Those who prefer a less aggressive pace and the company of a guide, choose the Group category.

The routes have been carefully selected to make the most of the extensive network of trails in and around the Capilano Canyon in North Vancouver, British Columbia. Footing ranges from pavement to crushed gravel to mossy roots, rocks and sections of swamp (competitive route.) If you expect wet feet, you won't be disappointed.

The Differences

  • This event follows the guidelines provided by Club Fat Ass for safe and successful, informal endurance sports "parties":
  • It is free for Club members
  • It is hosted by a Club member
  • It is small and informal. Guests should come prepared for the weather and the terrain and not expect aid or course marking. They should expect to follow detailed written course instructions
  • It is environmentally friendly. We aim to leave our route in better shape than it was before we passed though.
  • It is as much about the camaraderie as the competition.

Guests at the event download from the Internet directions based on natural and physical landmarks. As with orienteering, those who aren't familiar with the course will pause frequently to consult the written directions, giving a slight competitive advantage to those who have trained on it. Course directions are available year 'round on the agenda page of this website and we encourage everyone to enjoy the route as often as they please throughout the year.

Past Participants and Results

Results and a scrapbook of photos and comments are archived under Results