Flash - Roberts Ed. Centre Enduro

18 May 2007 11:15
18 May 2007 11:25

  A mini-flash event put on by Michele for her colleagues at Roberts Ed. Centre to give them a taste of a CFA Event.  (As part of our pro-d we were assigned to do a "show and tell" about something we do that we're passionate about.)

How many 0.5 k loops can you do in 10 min.?  Course covers the mixed terrain of the schoolyard:  pavement, grass, and "trails".  Watch for the "killer" hill around 0.25 km!  Course instructions are attached below.

Gear:  Comfortable shoes! (That means you, Maria Wink)

Post-event Celebration:  Gatorade, water, and bananas in Room 101.  Prizes to be awarded for most trash collected and best war stories:  Who got lost?  Who got injured? Who helped a friend?
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Way to Go!

That is so cool, Michele!  Can't wait to hear about the cruelling event and who got off the couch to do it. 

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