Flash - Coldstream Chilly Willy 100

7 Nov 2009 08:00
8 Nov 2009 15:00
Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park Vernon BC

Dare to run all night long under an almost full moon just after Halloween around a haunted lake! Custom distances OK too!

Just to get it out there! Exact gruesome details and distance of loops to follow soon. Somewhere around 6 to 8 loops.

Late Hallows eve fat ass style!

Coldstream Chilly Willy 100 will be run in figure eight loops around the three bays of Kal lake down through  Haunted Deep lake then around Coldstream ranch. This course will be a very pretty, on single and double track trail with devilish moderate climbing and small bits of  evil technical here and there. "Only road is the parking lot!"

Aid: I will have a Haunted Hut set up for you to use as your aid station in the parking lot of Kal Lake or at the Ranch - not sure which yet. You will be responsible for your own aid other then water and hot soup at night, tricks and treats.

Course will be marked at major turns with "creepy things" you just have to stay on the designated trails. Maps will be handed out at start of race.

Weather could be any thing from freezing with snow to sunny at Kal Park it doesn't matter it's always beautiful and runnable.

You can google Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park to get a look at at this glorious area. I will put pictures up when I figure out how too.

Please email me @ cabc_chick@hotmail.com with commitment or questions. Thanks!

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Chilly Willy results

Race report for Chilly Willy 100. Better late then never. I have been waiting for the results of the relay groups and list of names but they seem to be fast on running and slow on submitting. They certainly know how to have a good time so I'll make an exception for them "Kal RATS" this time

Chilly Willy was a great success and a lot of fun if I do say so myself. The course was amazing and beautiful as I promised hills and more hills with the added tumble weeds every time the wind blew. Van and Jess and I started early to accommodate travel for the girls. I took the high trail and they found the tumble weeds.. Amazing amounts of them, they just arrived the evening before and covered about 150ft of the trail. We moved them and they came back! What's a few extra scratches on legs. We all arrived back to the start in time for a pics and the race was on. 17 runners I believe in total for the relay groups doubling up at night not to run solo in the dark. Half a dozen runners doing custom distances and 5 of us attempting the 100 miles. We lucked out and the weather held in for us but it did turn all freezing and sparkly at night. Van and Jess ran part of the night section together, Karl, Dan and I teamed up for a while then Jess started to have IT/foot trouble and pulled at the 92K mark. Dan and Van "hey that rhymes" teamed up as Karl and I did. Barry joined for a second time to run at night with us. "And the party started at at the start finish." The Relay groups showed up with extra tent awnings and made a covered shelter with a propane fake fire (heat), music and food. Many many thanks to them for the soup, cookies, "chilly" and Cinnamon buns, I ate more food on this 100 miler then I have ever eaten on one before. The best aided non aided race ever. Kal Park is a Jem here in Vernon BC with it's three Bays single track trails, switch backs,  short technical rocky climbs and beautiful panoramic vistas of the lakes and surrounding mountains.

In the end the rlaly teams were cleaned up and gone by midnight and we were on our own. With the exception of Jess and Barry so kindly bringing us burgers late at night and coffee as we arrived at the finish line. Daniel was gracious enough to run hard with Van around her last short loop as she wanted under 27 hours. Karl and I headed out for my last long loop and poor Karl had both loops to go, but Karl was blasting through the trails "no time to hold back now" Karl was on a mission. Van finished first in 26:56 just ahead of me 26:58. Dan blew through his last loop coming in 27:03 then crashing in his sleeping bag (way too much red bull for that boy!) Poor Dan we had all left to have showers thinking he would be another 20 Min's or so. We did get a picture of him in the back of his truck sleeping, for his finishing pic. Karl had an amazing last loop and came in 27:36 feeling great. Well done! Off for Breacky tired and sore. Karl only choked me twice for my Chilly Willy course so I guess it was good! Everyone that ran said if I do it again they will be back!!


Van Phan                    100miles       26:56

Lorie Alexander           100 miles      26:58

Daniel Probost             100 miles      27:03

Karl Jensen                  100 miles      27:36

Jess Mellun                         92K        16:00

Tracy Garneau                                  10:00

Barry Hopkins                     55K         8:47

Dave Morrice                       23K         3:03

Wendy Birkeland                 14k         2:43

Sharon      ?                            9k        1:39







The rest of the Kal Rats?????


Race start

The race will start at Cosen Bay parking lot 8am. 7:30 sign in sheet will be out. This is so you can keep track of your times and distances.

For out of town people come off Kelowna HWY just passed the College on right, follow winding rd down to Kal lake rd. Go left and follow along lake stay on Kal lake rd till you see the Cosen Bay Kal park turn off sign on your right. Follow till you hit the parking lot.

Looks like we will have 35 or so runners, so if you can car pool please do so.

I am marking the trail tomorrow and will post exact distance and elevation even for you. Remeber this is Fatass style so bring what you need. I will have some treats and a canopy tent for supplies and a small cook stove.

Day time weather good for running but night will be cool so plan for it.

Anyone need a place to stay just let me know. I have had some kind offers from Vernon runners.

Chilly Willy 100 course


Everyone is asking so here it is.

We have a 24k loop with the start finish in the middle. You will run 14k bottom loop hit the start/finish then run the top 10k loop and hit the start/finish. 100 milers will do 7 loops with a short cut on the last top loop. There is about 16000ft of climb.

It's going to be Chilly!!!

chilly willy

Hey Lori we are still waiting to hear where the start of the race is and get some more particulars.  Any chances of getting the info soon?

The Chilly Willy

I will be at that race sounds awsome.  Where about is the start?


I'm actually considering this now. (Haven't let husband Ken in on it yet) Saw the pictures and looks beautiful. Will be dependent on weather. If race calls for lots of rain, probably will stay home and get wet in WA instead. Where could I stay? Karl, what are your plans for going up there? Any big animals that I should be concerned about (other than that beast with the mustache known as Karl)?


Hi Van,

Bring Ken up with you.  That whole area is very pretty.  If Silver Star gets some snow in the next couple of weeks he can do downhill and cross country there.  http://www.skisilverstar.com/

Vernon is a lot drier than here on the coast.  Here is a link to the Vernon forecast.  http://www.theweathernetwork.com/weather/cabc0312

Lorraine and I will be heading up on the Friday before.  We will be staying with my brother in Kelowna.  Most likely we will come home on the Monday after the run.

Lorie can give you better advice about where to say than I can.  She is doing the San Francisco 24 hour run this weekend.  As far as I know she'll be back right after the run.

I wouldn't worry too much about wild animals up there, just the usual bears, but they are probably beginning their hibernation now.  The beast with the mustache is harmless from what I hear.


might have company

Jess might be coming with me. Ken is busy working in the shop finishing a major piece for a customer, so can't get away. Do any of you Canucks work up there? Have fun at Seawall. Don't get any overuse asphalt injuries! Thanks for the links!


Hmmm..... sounds interesting.

Hmmm..... sounds interesting. Let's see if I can get all my ducks in a row. I like no pavement though loops might drive me batty. Guess that would be fitting.  

Sibylle's picture

Sounds very spooky... just

Sounds very spooky... just for the records are you talking miles or km...?

100 miles for sure!! Sorry

100 miles for sure!! Sorry about that.

Custome distance too.

Sibylle's picture

Figured as much ;-)  Let me

Figured as much ;-)  Let me know if you need help with uploading photos.  There is instructions here http://www.clubfatass.com/help/general#include_photos

Chilly Willy

Sounds very uncomfortable.  Perhaps Lucinda will knit us some Peter Heaters.  I'll take an extra large.

Looking forward to a frightful run.


Now Karl it will be Chilly

Now Karl it will be Chilly and you may get the Willy's but if you wear only a peter heater I'm not running!


Not to worry Lorie, I always wear a hat.

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