2012 - Year 7 - Burnaby Mountain Run - Results

14 April 2012 - Starter Photo 

Report:  A small group set out this morning to conquer Burnaby Mountain.  Event Host, Tara, had some logistically issues and arrived late to find the group had already left.  Thanks to Translink, Eric also missed the start.  The third one to miss out was Meredith, who was called in to work...  Despite the hick-ups the group enjoyed themselves and one can be assured that ActionJackson kept everybody entertained.

Please feel free to add your comments/feedback via the comment link below.   Please also take a moment to fill out this brief post event survey.

Photos: A slide show of event photos is posted below.  Please post your own photos to Flickr, add them to the CFA Flickr group and tag with BurnabyMountainRun2012 BurnabyMountainRun ClubFatassEvents ClubFatAssEvents2012 ClubFatAss.  They will automatically appear in the slideshow below: 

Results:  Please let me know if there are mistakes and email me if your times are missing.

First Name Last Name City    Event   Points     Time
Mark Alexander  New Westminster  11.2km 1 1:12
Ean  Jackson North Vancouver   11.2km 2 1:12
John Machray North Vancouver 11.2km 1 1:26
Chris   La Rose Vancouver 11.2km 2 1:26
 Paul Wooton  Silver Star Mountain   11.2km ? ?






* Garbage Point
** Event Host Point


Ean Jackson's picture

Was the run today?

We wondered, as we shot-the-breeze in the parking lot...

There was a common theme:  All four of the assembled participants of the 2012 Burnaby Mountain run had, in fact, shown up a day early or a day late for running events in the past.  "But Linda told me it was today and Linda is never wrong!" quoth John, so on that intelligence, we agreed that we were at the right place on the right day at the right time, so we made tracks for the monumental starting point of the event... event host or no host.

Mark and I started chatting about bikes, road running vs. trail running and heart rate training.  That kept us busy for about 1 hour and 12 minutes, the time it took us to complete a loop.

I don't think Mark broke a sweat.  I didn't, either, until the trail started heading steeply uphill from the ocean, at which point, I was dripping with it and started wishing I had better lungs or had gone out running more on those rainy days in the winter.  We both agreed that another loop would be good, but a coffee and taking a dent out of household chores would be better, so we called it at that.

With slightly overcast skies and a slight, fresh breeze, it was a great day for a run.  'Hope to have some more company next year!   


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