Flash-Boxing Day 25km

26 Dec 2010 07:00
Bean Around the World, Parkgate Village

Run off the holiday treats with us as we train for Orcas Island 50km. Please indicate your participation in a comment below.

START: 7am, Bean Around the World, Parkgate Village at Mt. Seymour Road. Yes, it's early, but Kelly is heading out of town at noon, and it'll be nice to get it out of the way before the teenager wakes up :-)

ROUTE: First half is same as Seymour Super Fun Run, but here's my description:

-Up Seymour Road west sidewalk to wide gravel trail on left. Gravel trail leads to Old Buck parking lot. Cross road and into parking lot to find trailhead on other side.

-Take Old Buck Trail up a ways (you'll parallell Seymour Road at the beginning) to intersection of B/P. Go right and stay straight on Old Buck again heading up and up (B/P breaks off to the R and down).

-Old Buck continues up to Mt. Seymour Road. Cross Seymour road to reach the continuation of Old Buck. Keep going up.

-Keep climbing until you see a trail on the left. Old Buck continues up, but take this left. This leads to Mushroom Parking lot.

-Once you pop out in the Mushroom Parking Lot, head down driveway to Mt Seymour Road again. Cross and head up the road for approx 100m. Trail head on left.

-Head down trail and stay straight at the first intersection. Steep rocky down. At second intersection, go R. Trail continues down. At 3rd intersection, hang a R and stay straight going over a log down Neds.

-Enjoy the long descent of Neds without branching off anywhere. You'll hit a "T" intersection. Hang a R.

-The next trail on your left, take it. Shortly, you'll come to a more open area (still tree covered though) with some big logs. Stay R and continue on the trail. This is Bottle Top.

-Enjoy the downhill until you hit a wide open gravel trail called Fisherman's.

-Hang a right, cross over blue bridge, hang a R again after the bridge and take Fisherman's to Homestead. Left up Homestead.

-At top of Homestead, stay R, following the gravel/cement path along some fences past the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve parking lot, past the park office on the R until you see the Gazebo.

-Continue past the Gazebo. There will be a fork in the path. Take the left one which leads to Lynne Canyon Suspension Bridge.

-Follow this main trail without branching off anywhere. Passing the Suspension Bridge, heading down the Canyon. Eventually you'll reach Twin Bridges at the bottom and stay left without crossing the bridge. You are now back on the Baden Powell.

-Follow the Baden Powell through Lynne Canyon, over boardwalks and up stairs. After a while, there will be an intersection. Turn left, staying on the Baden Powell.

-You will stay on the B/P for almost the rest of the run until you get back to Old Buck.

-Shortly, you will cross a road, continuing up a small hill. Stay straight at next intersection.

-Follow B/P down down down, coming across some steep stairs and over a bridge. At top of hill after the bridge, stay left. Stay straight at the next intersection. Eventually you will hit Hyannis Drive. Cross.

-Follow B/P signs and trail without branching off until you reach another intersection. Go left towards and up the Seymour Grind. At top, hang a R, going down down down to Old Buck. This is where you came up near the beginning.

-Run down Old Buck, through parking lot, back on gravel trail, back on Seymour Road west sidewalk and back to Parkgate. Have a coffee and a treat at Bean Around the World :-)


Jess Dagg



Registration is free for members and non-members alike.  Please leave a comment below to confirm your attendance.

Whining is not allowed. You are responsible for your own well being and safety and should be self sufficient.

Please read the Release of All Claims. By participating in this event you agree to the terms of the Release of All Claims.


Bob McCormick's picture

Is the coffee shop open at that time?

If I can roll out of bed at 5:30 am I will be there.

jessdagg's picture

doubt it's open

but we'll meet in front! hope to see you there.

Mark Feng's picture

 Count me in, please! Thanks!

 Count me in, please! Thanks!


Will aim to be there (can't believe I'm saying this)! Despite the start time, I can't resist the route and of course the company. Looking forward to the pre/post-run warmth and cookies of the Mt Seymour Rd Bean Around the World!

teagirl's picture

any chance of a slightly later start time?

i'm a big fan of staying indoors & warm 'til the sun is good & up :) [or, as the case may be, 'til the rain is good & falling!]

jessdagg's picture

start time

We will likely start at 7am, but I will post a route and you could come and join us along the way!


Come one come all....run off some turkey and cookies...

See you bright (hopefully) and early!


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