Vancouver 2010 - Run With A Local

Hablamos español.  On parle français.  Wir sprechen deutsch.

Are you visiting British Columbia for the 2010 Winter Olympics or Paralympic Games?

BC is a fantastic place for runners.  Runners in BC are friendly and happy to share their favorite runs with like-minded visitors.  Let's go for a run together!

WHAT: Call it a meet-up board where runners from around the world who are visiting for the 2010 Winter Olympics can meet the locals for a run... and where locals can share their favorite runs.  All for free.

WHY:  Because it's nice to run with someone else, especially if you're in a strange place.

WHEN:  The month of February and March 2010.

WHERE:  Within 100-kilometers of an Olympic venue.  (Vancouver and Whistler area).


Scheduled/Flash runs are posted under upcoming events in the right column on this website. 

RESULTS:  As a legacy to the 2010 Winter Olympics, it would be nice to see if a summer Olympic sport like running can bring people closer together.  Visitors, please leave a comment either on this page or on the event page and share your impressions about running in BC and with a BC local.  Locals, please share your thoughts and photos about running with a visitor.

PHOTOS:Click on the image below for a slideshow of photos posted so far:

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If you have photos that you would like to add to this slideshow, please upload them to your Flickr account, tag them with RunWithALocal2010 RunWithALocal, ClubFatAssEvents2010 ClubFatAssEvents Vancouver2010 and add them to the CFA Flickr Group. Detailed instructions on how to do this are posted here

THE CONTEST:  Locals, we hope to scrounge some recognition prizes.  Will probably recognize the person who brings the most running joy to visitors, the person who shares the most cool local runs, the person who takes a visitor on the most insane run, the best testimonial and things like that.  No promises other than bragging rights, however.

ENTRY:  There is no fee and you don't need to be a member of Club Fat Ass to host or participate in a Flash Event.  Whining about the terrain or the weather, however, is not allowed.

No registration is required, but please log your adventures on this website. 

Release of All Claims. By participating in this event you agree to be wholly responsible for your own well-being and agree not to sue anyone associated with this event or Club Fat Ass or any person in relation to this activity. By participating in this event you agree to the terms of the Release of All Claims