2011 - Year 7 - Full Monty

 Finishers Photo - 16 July 2011


This was the first year that rain was a significant feature.

I was confused by the numbers of entrant this year, having check the website a couple of weeks back I though that I was going to get most, if not all the runners from last year plus four more.

I am not sure what happened in the ensuing 10 day, but we were whittled down to 4.

Charles Ramos, an Elk Beaver connection from this years race had signed up for the Full Monty, and sure enough, while running the preview course with some "Harrier" friends last week we saw him checking it out!

He did say that he thought the course was way tougher than he had imagined...

Unfortunately he surcame to an injury and had to cancel his attempt this year.

I put out some last minute invitations on various social media but found out that this weekend had three endurance events planned.

The Victoria over-distance running community is quite small, so ...

Anyways, not wanting to whine or complain,I forged on with my plans.

The day started off for me at 5:00am. The rain started at six, and didnt stop till Noon.

All the vegitation was heavy with water and we were all going to get our faces washed!

I was unclear if anyone was going to opt for the early start so I arrived in time for that eventuallity.

By 7:00 I knew that I had a four hour wait for my friends to arrive, and not having the luxury of a warm car to either shelter in of drive home, I was left with the options of staying put or doing an "out and Back".

Not having really prepared for a 50K, I decided to use my GPS to measure the new "Joselyn Jaunt" distance.

I needed to verify that this would be doable in a reasonable timefram ,to allow less energetic CFA spouses and S.O.'s

the chance to witness, first hand,these premium trails.

This also mean that I wouldn't die of hypothermia!

This done, I knew we were in for a wet one, and on my soggy return I changed into my swim shorts and waited for the guests to arrive for the sog-fest.

Alan, and Kelly honoured me with their presence and off we went.

Luckily we are all about the same pace so there was no splitting up or regrouping involved, and we all got an "A" reted workout.

We hit the Caleb Pike turnaround 10 minutes quicker than last week, refilled our drinks and headed back.

I kept dropping my hand-held and I was on three strikes, with Alen and two with Kelly! Friends...

After the last down section, with about a mile to go, we kind of booted it.

We didn't really speed up that much as that section is reasonably flat so there were no hiking break nor gravity assists, and I, by now, after my 12K preamble, was running on fumes.My little tank was empty!

Alan did finish a couple of minutes ahead of Kelly and I.

We managed a 3:24:XX.

We all found trash and removed it from the park.

I took part in two CFA events on the same day!

Did I win?

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The Joselyn Jaunt (12K power hike)

Jackal 2:22:XX

The Monty (25K approx.)

1st.finisher Alan Gilhooly 3:21:XX

2nd.Kelly the Tri'guy        3:24:01

3rd.Jackal                      3:24:03



Got it...

I was a bit lost on the web today...


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