Seawall100 2013

My first CFA event at last! Joined a few months back so somewhat overdue. Good to meet Karl, Sybille and Kyndra at the start. Also huge thanks to Margot, Sean, Sarah and Peter for 5 star support and pro photos to mark the occasion.
My personal goal was to improve on my furthest distance run to date (marathon) by trying for a 50km. Thought it would be an appropriate way to celebrate my 50th!
Eased into the day swapping stories with Karl across the bridge, through the park to the Convention Centre. Ran with Kyndra for the next few Km around the park. Stopped at the 2nd beach pool for a quick chat with Pete and some huarache cord adjustments. Reveled in the sunshine around false creek. Nothing like natural source vitamin D to lift the spirits, beats popping vitamin D tabs any day.  Marveled at the variety of dog breeds on parade. Nicely warmed up now and settled into run pace.
Chugged my new recipe running smoothy every 5km or so. Took on sufficient water to require 2 washroom breaks. Out along the water through Kits, Jericho and Spanish Banks. Overall I felt pretty good. As always it was difficult restarting even after micro breaks.  Energy levels on an even keel, no digestive issues or cramping.
Somewhere around Spanish Banks decided to drop the huaraches in favour of Vibram 5 Finger KSO's. My forefoot soles were suffering from early stage friction blisters. Apparently the skin on my feet is not tough and thick enough for marathon plus distances yet. A work in progress. Toughness takes time. The KSO's felt very decadent and luxurious, especially with the Toe Sox! Blisters nipped in the bud.
 May have taken a wrong turn near UBC and ended up at the Chan Centre without seeing the "Endowment Lands" sign. No matter, headed back East on NW Marine, found the sign and gave it a good kick for being so elusive. 
Met up with Sean again about 8km out from Granville Island - how lucky can you get? On cue Runmeter announced 50km completed in a charming computer generated female British accent - cheers and high fives all round! Support from Margot and Sean made the last part feel too easy - almost sorry to stop at Granville. So ended a memorable day in the sunshine with one goal behind me and life beyond 50 ahead.........