2013 Results - Go Home (not) Via The Hanes Valley

31 August 2013 - 11 Starters

Report.   A beautiful morning for a trail run and/or peak bagging session. In the crisp and clear morning air, our happy group set out at 8:30am sharp to tackle the Hanes Valley and peaks beyond.
We all made it safe and sound back home. 11 runners showed up to do varying distances , 7 were going through the Hanes Valley and 4 only to Norvan Falls. The 7 going through were a collection of veterans and first timers. Seeing that Ean was in that group, you knew that detours were to be involved. Ean convinced Jim, Jason and Carlie to bag Crown Mt and a few lesser peaks on their way to their finish at the pub at Grouse. Chris, Kate and Katie opted to bypass Crown and head straight to their finish at Grouse with Chris continuing down Mountain Highway back to the start for the full 30km.  Brian and Rochelle (out of towners from Kelowna) decided to go a little further than Norvan Falls and hooked up with some bandit Fat Assers ( Monty, Phil, Ann and bandit leader Gottfried) doing an unofficial Hanes Valley run. Thanks for showing Brian and Rochelle the way. Kudos to Brian and Rochelle who completed the full course in about 7 hours.  I am sure they were happy to see their car, given that they set out to do a little 14km loop...

This is the 3rd year that I have been injured and have not made it through the valley. Fingers crossed for next year as it is one of the best runs in the lower mainland. Thanks to Sibylle for keeping me company on the way back and for all that you do for the club. Thanks to all who came out and hope to see you next year and maybe a few others as well.

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First Name Last Name City Age Event Points Time
Jason Cagampan Vancouver 30-39 custom 2 10:15
Carlie Smith Vancouver 30-39 custom 2 10:15
Jim Swadling North Vancouver 60-69 custom 2 10:15
Ean Jackson North Vancouver 19 or younger custom 2+1* 10:15
Chris Benn Vancouver 50-59 30km 2 3:??
brian boyce vancouver 30-39 30km 2 7:00
Rochelle Lamoureux Kelowna 30-39 30km 1 7:00
Kate Fremlin North Vancouver 20-29 18km 2 4:00
Katie Longworth North Vancouver 30-39 18km 2 4:00
des mott north vancouver 50-59 14km 2+2** 2:09
Sibylle Tinsel North Vancouver 50-59 14km
+ 11km warm-up
2 2:09
+ 1:20 warm-up



* Bonus Point for garbage collection
** Event Host Point