FAQ - Mutha's Nature Trail Run

Q: I've never done a trail run before. Is this a good place to start?
A: These trails are all pretty easy overall and there are some road & bike path sections.  Take it easy on the few tricky spots and you should be fine.
Q: Do I need to print off course instructions and bring them with me?
A: Yes. Otherwise, we guarantee you will get lost!
Q: What if I get lost?
A: You shouldn't get lost! Follow the route directions. If you do feel you are lost, ask a mountain biker or backtrack to the last place you saw a runner.  Most of the trails on Burnaby Mountain are signed and there are trail maps around.
Q: What if I have to heed the call of nature.
A: There are washrooms available in Burnaby Lake Park and Barnet Marine Park.  There are sometimes porta-potties around the Urban Trail in places.  If you have to improvise on Burnaby Mountain do not go on the north side of the trail where all the warning signs are as it is dangerous terrain. 
Q: What should I bring on race day?
A: Please check the agenda for thoughts
Q: I am supposed to be self-sufficient because there is no aid provided. Can I get a friend to come out and give me food and drink along the route?
A: Absolutely! In fact, it would be nice if your friend were to help everyone. See aid stations and crew for some thoughts on what they might be able to do.  There are some particularly good places such as Confederation Park, Kask Brothers/Velodrome, Burnaby Mountain near Centennial Drive, or for the 50K Burnaby Lake near the Cariboo Dam (west side) or Barnet Marine Park.  
Q: Where can I park? Where can I change?

There is parking off of Commissioner Street near the playground.  There is additional parking outside the railway underpass off of Bridgeway Street.  Unfortunately New Brighton Pool is closed.  Brittania Centre (just north of Grandview Park and just west of Commercial Drive) has showers and hot tubs as well as a pool to clean up on the way to Lombardo's.  If you need to kiill some time waiting for the 50K runners its a good place to do it and there are some good markets in the area to look at as well.  

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