Flash - Bill and Tim's Excellent Adventure (Redux)

24 May 2008 08:30
24 May 2008 16:00
A couple of years ago, in preparation for the Vancouver 100 (V100), Tim Wiens and I went on a recon mission from the 1/2 way point on the V100 route (start of the Knee Knacker race) over Black Mountain and down to Cleveland Dam to check out the "trail" (read "snow") conditions -- see Bill and Tim's Excellent Adventure.

Given the current snow conditions on the local mountains (considerably more than during our first Adventure), I know that more than a couple of us are interested in knowing what lays in store for this year. So, if you're considering participating in all or part of this year's V100 and are at all curious about what lays in store, or, if, like Tim, you're a good trail running partner and want to help out one of those V100 participants, here's your chance.

(Directions to Start)

Note: Baldwin also has a Flash event on this date (that has been planned for quite some time) in Squamish -- see Baldy's Bonkfest. I don't want to take away from his event. So, unless you really feel the need to thrash in the snow on Black Mountain or can't get to Squamish easily, please consider his event as another option. This is, unfortunately, the only good time to do this. Next week is too late and this week was no good for me.