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New!   GPS and elevation views

Elevation Profile Sweet Go Deep
courtesy Bill Maurer Nov. 2, 2010


Please print out the course description and put them into a zip-lock baggie for the event (scroll down for a printer friendly version). I strongly encourage you and your friends to run the course in training. The course will not be marked.






Meet at Panorama Park in Deep Cove 



Welcome, final briefing, group photo



Start – Panorama Park



(Deep Cove Baden Powell to Old Buck Section)The climb out of Deep Cove begins at the Baden Powell sign at the North end of the Panorama Park parking lot. The “trail” begins about 200 meters north down the road off Panorama Drive on the left hand side. Look for a steep little driveway and a BP Sign. Take the stairs up, way up. The section takes you up over 9 bridges (most new), 1 long set of stairs and to the power lines.



BP Sign: Turn left (right turn is the Indian Arm Lookout)



Run under the power lines  and then take the immediate LEFT (just past the road) and go UP. There may be a little bit of pink flagging tape on a tree near the entrance of the trail.  If you end up taking the service road under the power lines this will come out at the same spot but is slightly shorter. When you come to a old dirt road-just cross go a few meters left and then keep going up on Baden Powell toward Indian River Road.



BP Sign: Arrive at Indian River Road: Turn left and follow the road straight for about 0. 5km to the water tanks on the right. Notice the nice house in the middle of nowhere. There is a BP Sign here at the water tanks, pay attention, go straight.



The BP Trail rolls nicely and is very easy to follow over a number of bridges. But it’s all up.



RP (Reference Point)#1. Seymour Road. There are toilets here and a garbage can. Please watch carefully for speeding cars as you cross the road back on to the nice rolling trail.



Another trail intersection. Old Buck and Baden Powell. Our trail goes Right uphill. Turn Right! You will cross over a bridge with a small creek and another bridge approx 200 m further up.



Cross section-Old Buck and Power Line Road-Stay on Old buck. Keep heading straight up. (Do not turn left as that is power line road). This trail has head sized rocks.



Come to a Yellow Gate and paved Seymour Road. At road turn right - you can see the trail entrance across road to the right (short downhill).  Be Careful Crossing Road.  



When you get to trail entrance this is Old Buck and it continues uphill. (There is a Mtn Biking prohibited sign here). Take this trail up. There are a few switch backs here.



You will come to a sign “Old Buck Access Trail to Vancouver Picnic Area”. Turn Left here. You will also see orange square markers on this trail. This trail is slightly uphill with rolling sections. It is very runable and faster than the previous section. You will cross a couple bridges on this trail. Nearing end of this trail it begins a slight descent and also becomes a gravel trail.


Major Reference Point

You will come to Vancouver Picnic Area Parking Lot. This has Washrooms, Information Booth and this is a place where Aid could be waiting (ours or your own crew)

See this location on a map

Turn Left from trail into parking lot and continue running down to Seymour Road. Cross road carefully and turn right on the shoulder behind the road barrier. The trail entrance is approx 100 m up on the left hand side.



Look for a “Mushroom Parking Lot Trail to Baden Powell” (BP)-sign post. This is where you turn left.



There are two trail options. Stay straight and DO NOT go down Corkscrew (which would be a left). The trail is downhill, technical, rocky and fast. Don’t get too excited and start hammering though-it is ankle twisting territory.




Cross Section-Turn right at the sign that says “Mushroom Parking Lot Trail to BP”. This is very technical and downhill



Cross Section- About 500m further down the trail, you'll see two historic Mushroom Parking Lot information displays on the right side of the trail.  Ponder history for a bit and then just keep going straight another 20 meters or so.


Which Way Will You Go?

Come to another Cross-T Section.

Next, choose your own adventure:

For the Go Sweet 14K course,  turn left and follow the trail 1km as it slopes gently down and becomes wide and somewhat rocky road before popping out at a junction with Powerline trail. Go straight past this junction and rejoin the Baden Powell.  Follow the signs back to the starting line in Deep Cove!  Ignore everything below this line.  Yeah! 


For the Go Home 20K and Go Deep 40K distances:

You'll see the entrance to Ned's just to your right (look for an "NDS" marker on a tree to the right of the trail entrance to Ned's) and look just a little further to the right of that for some skinny, 1ft-wide plank bridges -- go over the plank bridges -- that's our course!  We are heading up toward Mystery Creek Falls. You will hit Mystery Creek Falls and cross over. You might get wet feet.



After Falls, keep going up the hill and take First Trail LEFT (about 100 m-there may be two pink markers on tree). Dirty Diapers is the trail name. At entrance of the trail there is a body-sized boulder on the right. This is the start of a very technical trail. 50 m down trail you will see a Yellow number “8” Sign. This trail has lots of Mtn Biking ramps and if wet will be very slippery.  It is very technical!!



Cross T Section-You will come to an intersection where you must turn Right heading downhill. This is Neds and continues to be very technical.  Keep running down hill.  Do NOT take the first left where the trail marker and map are  -- keep going straight downhill.



At  the bottom “T” intersection (there is a Yellow "18" on tree) turn LEFT and follow trail through bushes. 



You will come to a Power Line clearing. Turn LEFT heading uphill. You will see a fire pit on the right and a trail that goes straight and left. Do NOT go Left. Keep heading straight slightly downhill over a bridge and creek. Veer Right after Bridge. This trail is quite wide and, further down the trail about 500m or so, are 13 old tree stumps are lined up on left hand side of trail.



Cross Section-You will come to a sign “Bridle Path Trail to BP”(on the right side). Turn Left at this trail. You will also see orange squares.



Cross Section-Stay on main bridle path. DO NOT turn right onto Will’s Way.



Cross Section-A sign that reads Mt Seymour Rd (This is still Baden Powell Trail) 3.6km. Head this way (left).



You will hit another sign 100 m up. Take the left on Baden Powell (follow Baden Powell back to Deep Cove). You will see a triangular BP marker.



Keep following BP signs . There is one section that the BP is difficult to see. If you come out to a Power Line clearing-you have just missed the BP trail approx 100m back. Basically, you keep climbing. This section is steep, slow and tough (there is a triangular BP sign and a Red and silver BP sign with an arrow that is partly covered by a tree branch keep an eye for that and it is a slight right)!  This section is known as the Seymour Grind.



Keep following BP trail markers on trees. You will arrive at a Cross T Section. There is a sign that says BP or Bridle Path via Good Samaritan Trail (Severed Dick Trail on right) **Stay on Baden Powell**



You will finally hit a T Intersection where left or right are the only option. Turn Right following Baden Powell. This will be heading down hill and the trail is wider and covered in loose rocks.(you will be heading east) You will pass side trails but just continue on this main BP trail.



You will finally come back to Old Buck Trail and Baden Powell Intersection. Turn Left on Old Buck and head up. You will only be on this for a minute before you will see Baden Powell Trail sign Right and turn Right heading back down toward Deep Cove. Retracing Route at beginning!



You will be heading down hill on Baden Powell. You will come to Seymour Road and cross. There are toilets here and a garbage can. Please watch carefully for speeding cars as you cross the road back on to the nice rolling trail.



You will come to Indian Arm Road-Be careful! You will Turn Left and run along road until you see Baden Powell Trail sign. Turn Right and head down hill.



You will now just continue down to Deep Cove. When you come to Power Lines take a Left and then a quick right following Baden Powell.



Continue downhill over a number of bridges and technical terrain.  At the last bridge, be sure to take the trail left and downhill.  If you overshoot this and go straight you'll end up at a neighborhood cul-de-sac and a paved road, back track to get back on course if necessary.  On the last downhill section, get your smile ready, you're almost done.  When you hit the road at the bottom of Baden Powell, turn right toward turn around/finish area.  Congratulations, you did it! 


(Repeat to attempt the 40K Go Deep course)