My first blog post

This is me, Ean Jackson.
As you can see, I'm running. I like to run (and bike, swim, downhill ski, snowboard, climb, hike, do triathlons, adventure races and other outdoor stuff.)
About this time last year, my buddy Jon Husband, said I needed a blog. I figured the last thing I needed in the world was a blog.

George Bush has a weight problem?

 To the person posing as George Bush and using some (probably false) US government domain email address: I am sorry to hear that your are fat and that our name offends you...There really is no offense intended. We are inclusive of people of all walks of life, black, white, green, yellow, red, checkered, skinny, fat, crazy, sane, normal (what is that anyway) and everything in between.

Two Events in one weekend

FFR and Mountain Highway Madness started this weekend back to back. 

  • Mountain Highway Madness result and photos are posted. 
  • Ean will post repot and results for the FFR.
  • Because of the sensitive nature of the FFR not sure if it wise to post the photos. 
  • Point Series is updated with points earned for both events.
  • Zoomerang surveys send for both events

My first blog post

Finally being pushed over the edge and decided to start blogging.  No idea what this will turn into and if I am going to keep it up...really no time for self centered posts...and not that philosophically inclined to write meaningful things about the mundane we encounter everyday.  So, lets just wait and see where this will take us ;-)
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