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Tenderfoot Boogie training run #3 report


Training run #2 report

It's been said: 

Never a dull moment when you go out on one of Gottfried’s training run.

First Tenderfoot Boogie training run

As usual we had another good day for our first training run for Tenderfoot Boogie.
Fifteen high performance running machines showed up.

Thunder and Lightning snowshoe

Could not have had a better day and even the low turnout could not dampen our spirits. The rebel I am, I broke one Club Fat Ass rule. Yes I marked the trail, but the sweep removed al the flagging, so nothing was left behind. We had only one runner attempting the 23km, but unfortunately Ward had to pull out early, due to injury, hope you are ok. The rest of us did 13 km, Rob and Kandra (hope I spelled your name right) got there late but managed to hook up with us, completing about 10km. Thanks for the pics  Kandra.

Frosty Mountain training run Sept. 4th 2010

The last training run in Manning Park turned out to be even more popular then the first one. A total of 25 people and six dogs showed up.
As most of the runners did the first loop, some checked out the 13 km loop.
As usual the weather was pretty favorable and all the runners made it out alive. A few minor scratches and bruises ( easy for me to say) as you can see on the photos.

Frosty Training run report Manning Park second loop

Good turnout for the run,Thanks everone for showing up. Everyone made it out alive without to much problem.

Frosty Mountain training run #2 report

18 km of beautiful North Shore trails, nice sunny day,not to hot, not to cold. What more can you ask for. Perhaps a few more runners, I noticed some of the dogs were missing. I hope Benny didn't scare them off.

Just a reminder next week we will be in Manning Park running the second loop.

Some photos in the link below


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Frosty Mountain Training Run Report

The first training run for Frosty Mountain Trail race took place last Saturday August 14th.  There were a total of 13 runners including 3 dogs.  The run took place on the Baden Powell, Dream Weaver, Executioner, Mountain Highway and Pipeline Trails.  The run was approximately 15 km.  The runners split up into three pace groups and as usual I thought I belonged in the middle of the pack, but I think I have to reclassify myself into the end of the pack unless some slower people show up :).  The day started out at a nice temperature but he


Finaly it happened, My desire to "run" the Howe Sound Crest Trail has been fullfilled. Jamie Stirling, Jim Swadling and Kevin Harrison joined me on one of the most beautiful trails you could imagine. Almost 10hrs of runing, hiking, rock climbing, snow sliding and butt dragging from Cypress Bowl to Porteau Cove. I Could not have completed this jorney without these three guys. Check out the pics by Kevin, Jim and Gottfried


Frosty training run

Hi everyone,

I am pretty new to this Web stuff so don`t laugh at me if I do something stupid , but if you really want to go ahead...

You may have heard I am organizing this great race Frosty mountain 50k ultra and 25k. I just want to get the message out, not just for the race but also two training runs that are scheduled for Saturday August 30th and Saturday September 6th. We are meeting in Manning Park at the Lightning Lake day parking lot at 10:00 or some of us should car pool from a yet to be determined location from Vancouver at 7:30

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